Why letting go of fear is the best decision you’ll ever make


Function of Fear:

Fear serves as a survival mechanism. It focuses your energies upon the “fight or flight” situation and is supposed to subside once the situation passes. That is the true function of fear; to help you overcome adversity while it lasts. It is not a weakness, but a strength to overcome the problem.

Overall fearful approach towards life:

The problem arises when you find it hard to let go of the fear once the adverse situation passes. If that happens, your body is continuously in the “fight or flight” situation which leads to an overall fearful approach towards life. You see, fear was created as a passing emotion of strength, but it can quickly turn into the most persistent weakness you’ll ever face.

Perceiving everything as a risk:

Once you reach the stage where your overall approach towards life is fearful, then everything seems to become risky. Every decision leaves you in a split and you modify your thinking to always expect the worst out of you and your decision. The stakes are extremely average as compared to what you perceive them to be.



Focusing on the adversity:

In such a situation, one always focuses on the down-side of it, about how this could turn out wrong. Understand: EVERYTHING in life can turn out wrong. The only decisions that you find are worth taking are the ones that have zero to minimum risk and that leaves you jammed in many situations while others with the same abilities as you seem to excel far more as they are willing to take the chance.


Fear in times of hardship:

Having an over-fearful attitude can still work out for you if you’re on a good roll and things are working well. But during times of hardship, being fearful is going to either bring you to a standstill or push you back.

Generalized anxiety:

Finally, comes the last stage. If you let your fears grow and consume you, it will lead to generalized anxiety in your life. You won’t be able to eat, sleep, think or carry out all your life responsibilities like you used to. Fear needs to be plucked out from the roots as soon as it starts growing because the more you let it grow, the harder it gets to stop it.


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