Turn your life around in 7 days.

Everyone loves to spend a healthy day without worries and tensions of any kind. You know the one where there isn’t any work load.

It is the basic need of every human being to have a manageable day, to have the mental relaxation they deserve. For this purpose, we have a guide for the people who are looking forward to an organized day. It’s a perfect way you can help to make your seven-days better than the ones before.


To make this possible, all you have to do is follow these steps. For each day of the week and you will feel the change.




It is necessary to get prepared for the upcoming day. Retired Navy SEAL commander Jocko Willink told Business Insider, “there are two things he does every night for a good start.”

One, prepare your jogging gear so that you can get ready in no time when you wake up in the morning! Two, you should have an idea of your work that you want to do the next day. So, list down the tasks you have to perform on Monday. You will never face any delay or any mishap in your schedule on Monday.




Want the easy life? Then you should also be saving. It should be about 10%-15% of your income each month. This is always helpful for you in future when you get into bad times. There should be a proper record of the usage of money. Fidelity’s recommended retirement-savings benchmarks, “one should have a yearly saving equal to the amount of his one month’s income.” Applicable when he is 30 years old. When he gets 5 years older, he must save double the income of his one month’s income at the end of year. When he gets to an age of 40 years, he should save a unit of 6 more to his previous savings then he was doing at the age of 35. This chart helps you become a man with good savings and with a better future even in your days of being jobless.




As humans, it is our nature that we always want more. Other than the basic needs, we are always willing to take more and more and never think, do we actually need it?

And what are the things that we actually don’t have but we need them? We often don’t realize that there is a thin line between liking and wanting something. Katherine Schafler, a New York psychotherapist, wrote about the “ambition trap” in a post for Thrive Global.” The more self-aware you are, the easier it’ll be for you to distinguish between what you like, and what you actually want to acquire”, she writes. “But how do we make that distinction? As human beings, we’re so used to wanting more as a default mode. More food, more money, more friends, more sex, more stuff, more time, more attention. So how do we start wanting less?”




“Make sure your power of attorney and your healthcare directive are completed”, Flom told Business Insider. He is a lawyer in New Jersey at Cole Schotz. He has his focus on the completion of legal documentations. A power of attorney is a legal form that gives an access to a person other than you who can make changes in your account. He has the authority to make decisions when you are unable to. Same is the case in health directive; it is all related to your health.




It is very important to keep on changing scenery while working. Environment has a great affect on the mood and inner self of a person. Hence, it is important to change the place where you work; this fills a positive energy in you. Brie Reynolds told Loude n back that switching places is “a great way to stay focused and productive throughout the day.”




It is necessary for each one of us to set our priorities when it comes to buying stuff. We become too impulsive to spend money on the online products. Thus, we need to set a separate folder for shopping related e-mails. This will stop you from over expenditure and will help you save the extra money you spend on useless stuff. You can now only switch to this folder when you feel the need to buy something useful and productive.




Write down three moments of joy before I go to bed each night.” Said Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg in a commencement speech at UC Berkeley. She said this after the death of her husband, indeed a huge psychological trauma. Also, she said “This simple practice has changed my life, because no matter what happens each day, I go to sleep thinking of something cheerful.”


A research shows that the people who practiced this for six months are happier than the people who did not. One should always spend some alone “my time” to be thankful for the things they have. They should always set goals to achieve what they have yet to.

All the best with your week.

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