Three books that will indirectly make you a better persuader

Now there are plenty of books out there that tackle this subject more elegantly and thoroughly. Books which I’m sure you’ve already read. But today we’ll be looking at three books that will make you a better persuader; even if that wasn’t the book’s intention.


The Mating Mind by Geoffrey Miller

The book is basically about looking at psychology through the lens of biology and human history. Don’t expect this book to make you a better persuader by giving you techniques. It is heavy on theory and low on practicality, but don’t let that put you off. The book delves deep into the inner workings of human nature and tackles the messy subject of human behavior, all the while being a pleasurable read.

My favorite part of the book is where the author compares humans as living breathing entertainment systems. So if you want to get someone’s attention, you have to give them a reason for it. If you’ve already read the classic The Selfish Gene, then you can’t miss this. 



The Monographs By Ben Cardall

There are many books that could have taken this spot.  Lets get real, we’ve all read our fair share of books on body language and lie detection. This book goes beyond that. It will give you the ability to read almost anyone. And not just by their expressions but by the very possessions. Possessions that they have on them. As persuaders, we all know that the more information we have, the better. The Monographs is not a book to be missed.


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How to win friends and Influence People By Dale Carnegie

Even if you’ve never read a book in your life, chances are that you still know about this book. It is so old, that it has become a cliche. And like all cliche’s, you shouldn’t over look this one.


When it first came out, its sole purpose was to make you a better person. Make no mistake, this book still rivals all the books that it inspired. The book still has plenty of nuggets on persuasion. Which are not that hard to find. Lose yourself into the wonderful anecdotes littered throughout this tome and you’ll come out wiser and happier. Don’t let the age put you off, There is a reasons that it’s a classic.


I’ve received a lot of praise for this article. To show my appreciation to all the readers,I would like to leave you with a gift. There are plenty of articles online and plenty of books. Few are good while others not so much. If you’re really into this subject and want to take that next step, then I can’t recommend the following book enough. Once again thank you for your continued support!

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