The science of reading emotions: Is mind-reading possible?


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We now have the technology that allows us to read human emotions with an accuracy of 90% . Researchers have been able to predict the intensity of negative emotions to evocative images. They’ve found that these negative emotions have a neural signature. This signature is something that a computer can learn.


Dr Luke Chang, who conducted the study, said:

“This means that brain imaging has the potential to accurately uncover how someone is feeling without knowing anything about them other than their brain activity.

This has enormous implications for improving our understanding of how emotions are generated and regulated, which have been notoriously difficult to define and measure.

In addition, these new types of neural measures may prove to be important in identifying when people are having abnormal emotional responses — for example, too much or too little — which might indicate broader issues with health and mental functioning.”


182 people were chosen in total. They all looked at pictures which were designed to elicit a negative response. The pictures included those of physical injuries, hate groups and acts of aggression. Through brain scans a computer was able to learn the neural signature of the negative emotions.

If you want to read more about the study then click on the following link Chang 2015.



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