The role of a father in his daughter’s life

Parents are equally important in this era if compared to the previous ages. In fact, a healthy relationship with one of the parents plays a significant role. Children, who built close relationships with their parents, are always considered happier. They are emotionally strong and stable than those who lack the attachment. A happy family matters a lot in one’s life.

The role of a father in his daughter's life


It is traditionally believed that a child’s upbringing solely depends on the mother. However, researchers have found that a father influences his daughter’s life more than her mother. Let us look closely at the matter. There are many factors which prove the research correct. A father supports his daughter through many ways. Some of them are visible but most of them are just felt.




It’s quite well known that girls are emotional. Let’s accept this fact and understand how it holds importance here. A study has stated that girls, who have strong emotional connection with their father, are less likely to develop anxiety and stress. They are comfortable to share their problems. Their father’s give them support not just by words but by encouraging them too. They create a deep bond of friendship that never lets the girl feel alone.




A father’s role is not only limited to being emotionally available. There are many times when a girl needs physical support. That’s when a father becomes a helping hand for his daughter. A father even looks after her health and supports her financially. If she finds herself stuck somewhere, there is no other person she would think of other than her father.


The role of a father in his daughter's life




Time is the only factor that either strengthens a bond or weakens it. Involvement of the father from the beginning is essential. The older a relationship gets, the stronger the bond become. From birth to childhood and through the teenage years, a father knows every single detail about his daughter’s life. He cared for her back then when she was little. And he cares for her now when she wants to go to a party. She knows that he would never give up on her.

The role of a father in his daughter's life




Media plays a big role in our lives. It also has devastated many a relationship. Media likes to portray men as someone who don’t know a woman’s brain. That is just a myth, believe it or not. It is not true considering how fathers take care of their daughters. Men are not always unkind to a woman’s emotions because they have raised a daughter.






It is true how a father plays a significant role in his daughter’s life but, that doesn’t cut out the mother from the picture. Let’s not forget what she goes through to bring her in this world. She is the one who morally supports her in every step of her life. They become their daughter’s guide throughout their life, telling them every basic thing that a girl needs to know in her life. She helps her go through some of the toughest stages of life like menstruation, fall of grades and of course, choosing the nice guy. A girl needs both the parents to walk on the path of her life.

Parents are the stepping stones of life. Without their love and support, life would be all the more difficult. They are the shield when their daughter faces problems in her life. Both have their own place in her life. Fathers who are unable to relate, may try now. It’s never late to grab her attention and become her ideal man. Better to get in late than to have never been present.

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