The perpetual dialogue with Nature.

From electrons that can’t stop misbehaving to new phenomena discovered every day. Each day brings with it a new discovery. A discovery that only makes the mind boggle. And it the rare instance a discovery of such magnitude that it seems to be mocking us. Maybe it’s me but every time the universe throws us a curve ball it’s like it’s giving us the middle finger. Just today I woke up to the headline, ” ‘Zombie’ star survived going supernova.” Okay I lied, I didn’t wake up, I’ve been up since last night but that news is true. My only regret is that Mr.Love Craft isn’t here for it .
The article documented how a star went though several supernovas before finally dying. I think that more then justifies the Zombie label. The news article also detailed how the star kept exploding for two years straight. So this discovery has shown us once again that there are more things in heaven and earth than there are in our movies .

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