The one book you should read if you’re a creative

It is so rare to come across a writer who writes with such energy that you feel  everything that is happening on the page. Nate Staniforth in his book, Here is Real Magic, has done just that.

I’ve always been fascinated by memoirs and this one didn’t disappoint. The book, and the story it tells parallels Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist and Ben Stiller’s The Secret Life of Walter Mitty(which when you look at it, is basically the same story). 

We follow our hero who is a disillusioned magician. He leaves the comforts of his home town and travels halfway across the world to India. There he has the culture shock of a lifetime. Seriously this book has plenty of qualities to make a movie. It even reads like one.

Nate’s love for the art magic is evident from the first half of book. I’ve never meet anybody who has ever highlighted an entire book. Nate you’re a legend. Magic has never been a big part of my life but I think I speak for all of us when I say that well all remember our first magic show, or magic trick.

Nate I too remember seeing the universe or a cloudless night. I must have been around five or six at the time. It was on the journey back from Rahim Yar Khan to Machi Goth. And my what a sight it was. I could have looked at the sky forever. I could have looked at forever, forever. I can hardly wait to renew that experience again later in the year.

This book shouldn’t only be read by those who love to read nonfiction. Nor should it only be read by those who are planning to go to India. It should be read by all creatives. People who feel exhausted, out of ideas and lost. People who put out work everyday, every year and don’t know whether it makes a difference or not. I could write a dozen articles on the philosophy written between these pages but I won’t. My job here is done. I got my dose of inspiration. If you want the same then I suggest you either go own your own soul searching quest or read the book. Come to think of it the book is a perfect companion for a 23 hour flight.

Though I’ve still to finish the book the chapter that really spoke to me was one titled,’Now we put the river to sleep’. Honestly this is the best writing in the whole book. If you’re a visual person like me you’ll get goosebumps from one. And though there is a scientific explanation for Nate’s feelings in this chapter I won’t tell them here. Because a scientific explanation won’t make them any less real. A lot books make you think, every few achieve to make you feel.





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