The Franklin Effect or How to Get Along With Others

According to ben Franklin, he learnt that asking others for a favor made him more likeable. This is an intelligent approach which cover a lot of ground. The secret here is that a small request might be something impolite for others to turn down.


This is something that triggers something like the “Principles of Influence” suggested by Robert Ciadlini. A commitment and consistency principle triggers cognitive dissonance. Their mind then seeks reasoning for them for their action. According to Robert, the reason is that their compliance to that particular request is because they wanted to make room for a bigger request. The hack is amazing because it is not useful for others, but it is something useful for yourself as well. Here’s how you can leverage things in your life:


Baby Steps Might Lead To A Giant Leap:

The principle is amazing if you use it for yourself. If you are looking forward to accomplish something big and challenging, you need to start off with the smallest step. This will have a snowball effect. If you want to save money, you can start off with deducting the least responsive expense on the list. For instance, give up on fast food and start cooking your meal at home. It will be surprising for you to see that a simple thing will have a larger impact on your health and expenses. Hence, you will move further towards a more controlled lifestyle and the savings you want to make.


Investing on Yourself For A More Satisfied Life:

The people who are willing to do you favors do them because you love yourself and invest in yourself. They tend to invest their feelings more than what you ask them for.


Do Something That Favors:

Do something good and satisfying for yourself. Look good, feel good and do good. Learn a new skill on YouTube and have friends that can go on a workout session or a healthy stroll out. The idea is to invest more on yourself.


Don’t Forget To Invest In Others In Your Circle:

It is important to invest in other people who are in your circle. Do something that can be useful and favorable for them. They will either welcome the favor or tell you in a polite way that they don’t want you to do such favors. What can happen if you do them a favor? Either you’ll like them more or this won’t happen immediately but it will pay you off sooner.


The basic idea is to be good to yourself and others at the same time. This is something that pays you off at the end of the day becoming someone prominent and someone who cares about people. This is a very good combination that you must have to excel in your personal and professional life.

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