The book that was rejected by 27 publishers is now the most popular book on Amazon. Question is have you read it?


One of the leading authorities on learning and business these days is Tim Ferris. If you are an avid reader, then chances are that you have heard of him. Both of his books, the 4 hour body and the 4 hour work week are amazon bestsellers.

The book that was rejected is the 4 hour work week. Also known as the book for providing¬†entrepreneur with a road map of having the good life. Clue is in the title itself. Work for just 4 hours a week. If you’re thinking that, that’s impossible or the book is fluff, then maybe hearing that the book has been translated into 40 languages might change your mind.

The book is more than ten years old and still going strong. Not only that, but Tim has one of THE best blogs on the internet and probably the best podcast. Recently he has done a podcast on the book which can’t be missed.¬†

If that doesn’t excites you then maybe his interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger would.¬†Or maybe the time he interviewed Jamie Foxx.




While for most authors that is the end of the line when they find success. Tim is one of the few people who actively gives back to the people. His blog already has the definitive post on how to write your own book from scratch.

Then there is the guest blog post by Noah Kagan on creating a million-dollar business over the weekend. A blog post which in my humble opinion is the number 1 web-page on the internet.




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Click one the first one if you want to learn how to start a business over the weekend. A million dollar business.


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