The Art Of Being Fearless Lessons from Napoleon

The Fearless Type In my opinion, there are two ways to deal with fear, one passive and one active. In the passive mode we seek to avoid the situation that causes us anxiety. The active variety is the one most commonly experienced. Every one of us has experienced it. In the active variety we find an unknown, hidden, inner strength that surprises us, and we always then find a way to overcome our fears.

The Art Of Being Fearless Lessons from Napoleon


Get the right people there to support you. Misty Copeland said, ‘Get the right people, to support you, not all the time, but always at the time of need’. She going against the saying that: “Those who walk alone have the strongest sense of direction”. She says that family, a friend who really cares, always come to the rescue, in every hour of need, in any calamity under any circumstances. If you don’t have the right, supportive, and caring people around you then, find some, because they are your oxygen.

The Art Of Being Fearless Lessons from Napoleon


While facing something, that we fear, we always try to remain in a defensive position and try to avoid any sort of calamity by any way possible. Sometimes this defensive stance may become offensive, A fearless attitude. After we develop a fearless attitude we attack life with a sense of boldness and urgency and also with an unconventional approach. We create new models and discover better ways, construct new things and we also then stop following the older models. Soon, after they realize their own abilities, this typical mindset becomes their dominant one. An example from history is The Great Frenchman Napoleon Bonaparte. He began his career in the French military just as the French revolution exploded. This chaotic experience of endless dangers on the battlefield, emerging from this traumatic experience he presented a “Motto” for nearly all fearless types.




Those with a fearless attitude settle for nothing less than, what they want. Keeping your eyes, on the prize is the best way to remain determined. Those who fear, and those who do not fear, are never equals. Overcoming your fears, getting rid of your hesitations and striving to become the best are the real defining qualities of a “Conqueror”.

Continuing with the reference of Napoleon, while he was going to attack Italy in the spring of 1800, his field marshals warned him that Alps were not passable at that time of the year. He denied waiting, and replied: “For Napoleons army, there shall be no Alps”. It was only his strong will and determination that they were able to pass Alps, and defeat Italy.

There are no obstacles in the path of a person who has conquered his fears, because he knows that victory, achievement, success, and true bliss are always on the other side of fear.


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