7 perks of being a boy

A few days ago me and my friends were at a shoot. As always things were both exciting and tiring. Emotions were at an all time high. My friend had just taught me about taking pictures with a DSLR camera. It sounds simple but if the camera isn’t focused it’s a waste of time.

Anyways my friend who is a girl had to leave early. And by early I mean eleven pm. Later in the night she kept texting me, asking me when the shoot had finished. Wanting to make her stop texting me, I told her that I had gotten home at around one. In the text I had specified that I had the luxury of staying back because I was a boy. She agreed. A few days ago she suggested this article and that’s the reason why I’m writing it now.

Some the seven reason I’ve come across might actually surprise you. Well one of them should surprise you. It sure surprised me.


Eat as much as we want.
Who doesn’t like food? Now abs on a man are admired but lets get real here, how many people who’ve great looking girl friends have abs? If you know someone do let me know. Very few people take out the time to eat healthy or stay healthy. Those people are the exception rather than the rule. As a person with the Xy chromosome I can eat anything I want…on fridays. That’s my cheat day of course. Hey some of us like having those abs.

Go out when ever we want. 

Okay this will be tied in with another point but suffice it to say girls can’t go when ever they want. Don’t believe me, well I’ve one word for you; make up.

As a man I can basically go anywhere I want without thinking about the consequences. Though irresponsible on my part, there have been instances where I didn’t even had my phone with me. For me the outside world is just an extension of my house, which brings us to:

We don’t care about our dressing

I can go where I want, looking like how I want. I only put on those fine threads when I’ve an important meeting with someone. Which, let’s face it is just a fancy way of saying, ‘When I’ve to manipulate someone important’. Like I said earlier, for us the outside world is more or less an extension of our room which brings me to my next point:

We don’t have to spend money on make up or skin creams.

I was surprised to find out how expensive make up can be when I had to purchase some base and concealer. So now I can tell you why we can go anywhere, anytime we want. Because we just go. We don’t spend hours in front of the mirror fixing our look. Same goes for our skins. Dry skin? No problem. Rough skin? No problem. Dead skin? Cool.


We don’t have to introduce our friends to our parents.

We can tell them if we want to, but we aren’t compelled to do so. Neither are our parents that much interested to know. Again it’s rare that I meet any of my friends’ parents. There wasn’t a day when my friends took me to meet their parents. Nor do I hope that day comes because that would mean I’m gay. We meet outside our homes and it’s so much easier because we can do almost any shit we want without the fear of getting caught.

Talk to girls we like

This one surprised me. Although talking to a girl is a very emotional experience, not something we look forward to but I’ve always felt wonderful after doing it. Personally I don’t know any girl who has told her crush that she likes him or her(hey there are those girls). Girls have on some occasions tried to talk to me but I don’t like it. Usually I didn’t like the girls. But if I’m being honest I didn’t like the gesture. It was too in my face and not feminine. I do like girls who don’t wear makeup, less is more I think. I also find girls who aren’t girly girls attractive. Sometimes a t-shirt and a cap looks good on a girl.

We don’t care if we have hair or not. 

Okay men do feel insecure about hair loss but it’s really not something to lose your sleep over. Just look at Obama, who’s now losing sleep because of a man with orange hair. Hair or no hair we don’t really care. Even with all the advances in hair transplants people don’t prefer to get them. As long as you’re eating right, working out and well groomed you’ll be all right. Just look at these guys.

We can be fat and still get Laid

Okay now look at these guys.


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