Day at the coffee shop

Yesterday I meet my friend at the infamous Gloria Jeans to discuss a film. As I parked the car and went inside I was glad to find her sitting right next to the entrance. Things started off well and we threw around a lot of ideas here and there. She was very much excited about the movie or maybe it was the coffee. Still I had rarely seen her that happy and the thought of working on a project together was thrilling.

Behind my friend sat a girl who had her head buried in her smart phone when I walked in.Why do people do that? Waiting for someone or getting even five minutes the first thing people do is go for their phones. Like pressing as many buttons in quick succession will keep you sane. Naturally given the intensity with which she had buried herself  in the touch screen she was waiting for someone.

As the evening progressed and the banter at our table for two grew, I couldn’t help but notice her looking at me. At first I dismissed it. Still I kept my focus on my friend. Now granted this girl  was waiting for someone and the entrance was behind my left shoulder. It didn’t take a leap of imagination that she could have been looking at the door. It wasn’t difficult not to notice her.

This girl’s head and my friend’s head were right there in front of me, side by side. It wasn’t even in the periphery. Both heads right there in front of me. In my line of sight two heads. Two heads looking at me. How the hell are you suppose the concentrate?

Still given our sitting arrangement it made no sense to switch seats. So every little twitch or movement her face made my eyes couldn’t help but follow. Damn you limbic system. And then she did something I wish she hadn’t.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that where my friend’s face ended the girl’s face began. Naturally the human body can’t sit still forever. My friend tilted her head after keeping it static for god knows how long. I was grateful for the gesture. My friend eclipsed her and I couldn’t be happier. But then it happened. Her head mimicked the action of my friend and there from the corner the right side of her face emerged. Had she been looking at the door such an action wouldn’t have been warranted.

I ignored it as best as I could but now I felt disgusted. Yesterday wasn’t the only time I had seen that specific look. The “please come talk to me” look or whatever you may call it. Sometime ago I might have entertained the notion and worked up the courage to talk to her. There was a time where I actually would have felt bad for such a person.

This time I wanted nothing to do with her. I had better things to do. I hadn’t come out meet strangers. And frankly now as  I write this I realise how pathetic her actions were. Starring is rude no matter what who you are or what look you give.

The girl kept looking in my general direction. 30 minutes in and now it had become an annoyance. I ignored her to the best of my abilities. Through out the evening she sat there looking. Whether at me, the door or the back of my friend. She kept looking. All alone but still looking.

I’ve decided that the next time me and my friend talk about films and throw big celebrity names I will make sure there isn’t another bloody pair of eyes in my line of sight.


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