Putting Out The Junk

Actors who are no strangers to auditions know the importance of putting out junk. It’s one of the few arts where you’re discouraged by those already killing at it. An actor’s first role is to face rejection. An actor’s second role is to face rejection. Rejection, after rejection after rejection. Many quite, many go crazy and many kill themselves and those are just the ones who tasted fame.
But what many fail to realize is that what they are basically doing is improving themselves. They are putting out junk. Acting is all about knowing your strengths. Each part you fail to land reveals your character. It is the mirror the world hold ups to you. It is only by looking into that mirror that you can improve. If you want to get good at anything you have work at it. And working at it means producing something which no one wants.
You learn a new game and you want to get good at it what do you do? You lose. Not that you want to lose but because that’s the ritual everyone goes through. So don’t be afraid of putting out the junk.
Every writer has written a lot many more books then they think they have. What you and I read is the final draft. Each draft that was ever written was a book. That was the junk they put out. They had to! Only when it was out in the real world could they edit their work.
The Simpsons don’t have six hundred episodes. The real number would be in the thousands. Every script goes through several rewrites. It doesn’t matter if two scripts differ from each other because of a single word.
Yeah but one word you say? Sure that one word would be enough to give a different meaning to the whole thing . That one word would elicit a different emotion. And that is reason enough to say those two scripts would be different from each other like salt and pepper.
Everything that you will do in your choose field until you make it will be junk. Maybe not to others but certainly to you. Because even if you make it in the eyes of the world you know that you haven’t. But that junk will be important to you because without it you will never get good. The road to riches is paved with shit.

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