Benefits of reading

Every person has something which interests them, something that keeps them engaged for the entire day. If not physically then mentally. Similarly, my interest is in reading mystery and suspense books.

Benefits of reading


Well, book reading is definitely one of the best hobbies. Every other person claims to be a book worm and has a huge collection of books. It is good to know that you are surrounded by people having mutual interests.

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The reason why I like mystery and suspense is because you can never predict the outcome. Honestly, nothing is more pleasant than getting that thrill. The feeling of being on the journey of a mystery never leaves me. It’s on my mind throughout the days and nights. I keep on solving it in my dreams and during my lectures. I know this sounds crazy but literally, every book lover would agree to this!

Benefits of reading


The thought of leaving a book in between and going for work just feels like cheating on your lover. Like, how could you? I can never leave any chapter and do something else because this leaves me with guilt. Even when I am tired and need rest, the only thing I look for is a book. At such times, I feel the need to have something light. The brain needs some relaxation so I prefer reading something which involves no rocket science theories.

Benefits of reading


What I have learnt from reading is that it enables a person to think out of the box. It increases the thinking capability of the brain. My imagination power is now so strong that I am easily able to make complete scenarios in my mind during lectures. I mean they could be related to studies in someone else’s case, but they are always related to the characters, I am following in my case. I just love the feeling of reading things that develops my brain in a positive way.

At the end, I would definitely recommend some of the best books I have come across which includes Gone Girl, The Girl On The Train, and Murmur. These are my favorite books because they keep the reader attached so strongly that they can’t help but finish the entire book in one go. Many people must have read these books long ago and they must be familiar with the excitement they bring.

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