Meditations on failure: A path to success

Meditations on failure

Fear of failing creates its own self fulfilling dynamic. When a person gives into fear, he loses his energy momentum. Lack of confidence is the only reason why people give into fear and lose all of their energy. A lot of people argue that failure is necessary in order to gain success. The human mind does not accept failure, we try to run from it and actually we dread it. Our society never rewards defeat and failure is never documented in the books of history. Failures which serve as stepping stones for later success are praised and remembered.

Meditations on failure

The sweetest victory is the one that was impossible to achieve. Two examples come to mind, one of Thomas Edison who before inventing the Light Bulb had to make at least 1000 prototypes. The other is King Bruce of Scotland who had lost six consecutive times. After being inspired by a spider that was weaving its web. Bruce gathered his forces for the seventh and the final time and won the battle. These are the failures that are mentioned and praised because failure was the foundations actually on which they gained success.

Meditations on failure


The world is becoming more and more competitive by the passage of time. People are learning how to take chances. The ability to stand up again and the strong resolve to achieve ones goals have lead to the development of an undying competition not only among people but also among nations. America, alone, which for decades was considered the strongest economy and the strongest nation is now being challenged by countries like China and Russia, only because they had been sticking to their strong resolve.

A nations attitude is the “DETERMINING FACTOR” that how they chose to look at reality. Albert Einstein once said: “Failure is success in progress”. Failure is the seed of success by sticking to these words, I would say that failure may lead to a road filled with despair, or it may act as the catalyst to success. This totally depends upon the person who failed, if he looks back on his problems, keeps his ego in check, and moves in a positive direction.

Meditations on failure

Everything that you want is always on the other side of fear and failure. The phoenix must always burn to rise. Motivated people never consider failure a loss they just consider it an alternate or a longer path to success. Thomas Edison himself said that, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that didn’t work.”

To end I leave you with the quote from my favourite Author, Paulo Coelho “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.

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