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Earn 5000 again

Category: Articles Published on Thursday, 12 November 2015 Written by 123



Which is your favourite book and why is it so. That's all you have to tell us. Competition ends when comments reach a thousand. You can have more than one reply. No word limit. If you remember a good line or a specific part you liked then don't be shy in telling us that. 


That's 5000rs in case you were wondering 

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11 Super powers anyone can have

Category: Articles Published on Saturday, 10 October 2015 Written by 123

11 Super powers anyone can have  




What’s a super power?  The ability to fly? The strength to break through walls? Teleportation? As science continues to bridge the gap between reality and fiction let’s look at actual super powers you can obtain. No need to be bitten by a spider or be raised on a farm.   

Super Memory


Imagine yourself sitting in a circle with about 28 other people. One of them starts this game. He tells his name to the person next to him, let’s call him bob. Bob then tells the first person’s name along with his own to the person next to him. Let’s call this person Kashif. Kashif then calls out first person’s name, bob’s name and his own. And this continues all the way till the end.

Now if you were sitting at position number seventeen would you remember everyone’s names? What if you had been number twenty eight what then?

I faced this wonderful game a few days back and as luck would have it I was number one. Some exceptional people recalled the names of those before them.

There are those who are able to memorize a whole deck of cards in a matter of seconds. And then there are those like myself who still remember a car’s number plate even after four years. It took me about 30 seconds to memorize it, the same time it takes some people to remember a whole deck of cards.

The good news is anyone can learn how to do this. It’s a skill like any other. Done repetitively it becomes second nature. I can’t forget that car number even if I wanted to.

Good places to start would be The Memory Book by Harry Lorayne and material by Dominic O'Brien. It’s been four years since I read The Memory Book. A lot of its methods I have forgotten(ironically) but I still remember the day I learned all the fifty state capitals of USA in about 15-20 minutes. All fifty state capitals in alphabetical order. 

I have heard about the book called Moon Walking with Einstein. Though I have not read it, it’s a recent addition to the subject and thus easily available.


Super Learning


A super memory goes a long way in making you a good learner. First of all, adopt this philosophy ‘all learning is self learning.’

Super memory and super learning go hand in hand. This skill comes in handy whether you’re interested in learning another language. Or if you want to retain the message in a book.

If you like to read and read a lot then its better that you write summaries of chapters that you have read. By doing this simple exercise you will retain a whole lot more then if you only had read them. To become a super learner look up Mind maps by Tony Buzan.




Mind maps are a great tool that cut down on the learning time. Another great tool to use is Accelerated Learning by Brain Tracy. Actually this is a wonderful tool. It’s a crash course in super learning.  






During our lives we adopt so many roles. Everyone is an actor whether they like it or not. The only difference between those who call themselves ‘actors’ and amateurs is of degree not category.

The reason this is a super power is because it is. Acting is the heightened awareness of your surroundings, the other actors and yourself. As an actor you become aware of your walk, posture, talk and speech.  If acting had another name it would not have been patience or persistence but control.

You have to give up your identity to take on another identity. Acting comes in handy in daily routine if you have to present in front of an audience. If you want your point of view conveyed. If you want to inspire a group or simply if you want to cheer yourself up. A lot of actors do plenty of yoga and know certain tricks to make themselves feel better.




If you’re interested in human nature and psychology you would be an idiot to overlook this.

Remember even teaching is ¼ preparation and ¾ theatre.












Sometimes we will have to defend our ideas and our way of life. Sadly not many people are good at that. Lawyers are a certain breed who are deviously good at this task. They know how to get their point across, are experts in finding loop holes and sowing doubt.

Lawyers play with words, logic is more than just playing with words. Having a general understanding goes a long way. If you can’t convince them confuse them as the saying goes.

There are wonderful videos online that go over logical thinking. A good book for the beginner would be Being Logical. This is more than a super power or a skill set, being logical means being flexible with language. If you are a logician you will appreciate language on a whole new level. That means you will find more things funny and as we all know laughter is the best medicine. And that’s how ladies and gentlemen you convince people to take an interest in logic.




Talk to Strangers




Talking with strangers is something that depends on the context. If you’re near a group that’s playing football and you want to play, it will be easier to approach them. If you need a cigarette from a smoker you will approach them.

There are many who are able to have meaningful conversations with strangers. We mostly know them as con men and door to door salesmen. These people are gifted when it comes to winning your trust. But the simple truth is these skills can be learned.

If you want to start a conversation with a stranger or a group all you have to do is open your mouth. Sometimes having a guitar with you might help but rarely. You will need your wits for this one. A good book to learn the methods is Influence by Robert Cialdini.  

 Talking to Strangers might seem as the black dot on an otherwise white board but it’s not. It’s something we all do whenever desire compels us. Sometimes we are left scratching our head at your inability to even say a single word.

The Rules of The Game can help you with that. Another skill that is a super power in itself makes the process a walk in the park if you possess it. Cold Reading is the skill used by fraudulent mediums to tell you about little things that no one else could know of. The actor Orson Welles was a practitioner and rather good at it.   

So the next time when you get an urge to make a new friend you will know what to do.







I still remember the day I watched the opening sequence of Casino Royal. The movie instilled in me the love of poker and the pure joy of Parkour.




Parkour is the art of going from point A to point B through the shortest route. It’s the skill that lets you scale a wall in a matter of seconds. The good news is Parkour has been around since millennia. Only recently has it been codified. So if your ancestors could do it so can you.

The Parkour philosophy is that the obstacle is there to push you forward not stop you. It’s common for people to mistake Parkour for free running but they are two different things. I agree that doing a backflip is nothing short of a superpower but it doesn’t have much real world practicality.




If you want to see the practicality of Parkour than I suggest you watch District B-13. If you do learn Parkour you will be almost unstoppable.

Along with a good workout it teaches you discipline and confidence. Its a complete package. Remember the fear is only in your mind.


Social Dynamics





Whether we like it or not 99% of the time we are dealing with people. Those who excel in life are those who understand how to use others for their ends.

Research has shown that those who are very successful like CEO s of multinationals have psychopathic tendencies. Social Dynamics isn't about you being a psychopath. It’s about you understanding the game we call life.

Humans are emotional creatures. We like to think we are rational, objective beings but the truth is far from it. People are fascinating, if ever there a paradox walked the face of earth it would be us.

To get a better understanding of why people do and what they do a good place to start would be card games or poker. Poker is a metaphor for life, it’s really life minimalized. But if you’re really serious in knowing about human nature than good works are: Tricks of the Mind by Derren Brown (also has a chapter on rational thinking and lie detecting), The Red Queen by Matt Ridley, The Art of Profiling by Dan Korem and last but not the least the classic text know as The Prince.

That’s the theory covered. To see social dynamics in action and to better understand it and even learn it you will have to do the work. Go out and interact. Interact till you can’t interact no more. Read biographies, look at salesmen, read Shakespeare and G.B Shaw. With a little bit of luck and hard work even you can be writing an article like this.




Mental Math

We can’t always have a calculator around and there is something sexy about squaring random two digit numbers in our heads.

Regardless of our profession math is something we come in contact with daily. Let’s face it numbers rule our lives. But the added benefit of having a mathematical brain is that you become sharper, you become more observant. This is on super power I have yet to try but I am fully aware of its wonderful side effects.

A good place to start is Secretes of Mental Maths





People good in mental math’s are much sharper and quick witted than your average person. A lot of funny people that I know are good at this skill. Plus what can be more intoxicating than having the ability of giving answers before the calculator does? Our next topic that’s what. 



Lie detecting

What is man kinds greatest fantasy and the answer probably will be knowing what the other person is thinking. What that means is basically knowing whether we are being lied to or not.

Now playing poker doesn't necessarily makes you good at lie detecting but it does a little. Little is not good enough. For hard core material on lie detecting look up Paul Eckman. There is nothing that comes even close to his training.

The man recently consulted Pixar on their movie Inside Out. 





Krav Mega

While traditional martial arts have their rules and belts. Krav Mega is among the few that says ‘in a street fight there are no rules.’  Taught to the military and the police Krav Mega is as practical as it gets.




It takes about six months to become really good at it and about six seconds to end a fight. In Krav Mega everything goes and I mean everything. The goal is to survive not to win a trophy.





Having the skills to handle a knife fight or a pistol pointed at you is what makes this martial art a super power. If you thought MMA was brutal you haven’t seen the real world.







How to read minds

There is no typo in the above heading. It is what is says it is. Sadly the method is not mine to tell but his.



In the end a super power is what the situation demands. Driving a car can be a super power or even a bike give the context. Painting a picture can be a super power or playing a guitar. Remember the more things you experience the more you cherish life. Knowing the language of a foreign country is nothing short of a super power while your friends and colleagues scratch their heads. 


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Lie to Me

Category: Articles Published on Friday, 18 September 2015 Written by 123



We all lie from time to time. Its not something that we are proud of nor should be.  But if you submit  to us your best lies in the comments below you can win up to five thousand rupees or $50. Yes that's 5000rs. 


The best lie will get 3000

second and third 1000 each


If your so good, considering your Pakistani you already have the advantage then you can get 5000 for first, second and third place. One person can win more than one prize so its important that you give to us your best lie. 


Please avoid profanity, although a little will be appreciated. What will not be appreciated is hate speech. 


Weather your in America, South East Asia or in a PTI rally you will get the money either through wire transfer, easy paisa, Western Union or personally.


Competition will end in ten days from now. On the night between the 25th and 26th.


You all have unlimited lies good luck.

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Waja ?

Category: Articles Published on Sunday, 04 October 2015 Written by 123


Want a little extra cash for the weekend. A whole 5000rs aka $50. Winner takes it all. All you have to do is tell us why you deserve it. Whoever tells the best reason wins. And yeh you can tell us again and again with different reasons. The dead line is 15th of October.

Remember to activate the link that you get in your email once you have made an account 



Good luck.  




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Major Movie release yet to come !

Category: Articles Published on Wednesday, 26 August 2015 Written by 123


The Transporter Refueled

With Jason Statham nowhere to be seen and actor Ed Skrein taking over the wheel I would say this movie will be above average. But that doesn’t mean we won’t enjoy the cars or the stunts.





The Vist

Well the trailer looks promising but too many movies out there haven’t lived up to their trailers. The story of brother and sister and how go to their grandparent’s house to stay. The trouble is things aren’t what they seem. Watch the trailer if you haven’t.





Climbers stuck on one of the harshest terrenes known to man. Wheatear this will be a down ending disaster movie or something else entirely is still not clear. It does have Prince of Persian’s Jake Gyllenhaal and Pirates of the Caribbean’s Keira Knightly so let’s see where this one leads us.




Black Mass

Johnny Depp hasn’t quite yet thrown in the towel. Will this be his comeback role?  The supporting cast of Benedict CumberbatchDakota JohnsonJoel Edgerton says so it might as well be. Fingers crossed on this one.




Victor Frankenstein

Villan? Mad man ? Or a reflection of humanity? Watch the story for the first time from the mad doctor’s assistant Igor perspective, also known as Harry Potter. Even if it’s a flop it will be an interesting watch. Let’s see how James McAvoy plays the good/bad doctor.




The walk

This one I am honestly looking forward to. Before Cruise did the Dubai stunt or French man Alain Robert started to scale building there was Philippe Petit.  Played here by Joseph Gordon-Levitt as he tries to high wire across the twin towers.





Bridge of Spies

Steven Spielberg and Tom hanks join forces again, this time the setting is the cold war as Hanks plays a lawyer given the volatile task of getting a downed pilot back to the states.






Now we are getting to the good stuff (no offense Tom). Daniel Craig returns and this time it’s big. We go back to Bonds roots as he peals layer after layer to find the truth.  The movie is sure to leave us shaken if not stirred.





The Martian

Space man Dr.Mann(Interstellar) returns but this time as the good guy. Directed by Ridley Scott and staring Matt Damon as the Martian. This one is on my definite watch list. Will this movie suffice for the much need retribution for Scott after Moses? Damn right it will.  




The Hunger Games Part-2

Finally the series is coming to an end. Will it be a hit with fans and movie goers alike or will this mock you for your expectations?  Well at least the red leather suit looks good if anything else.





The Hate Full 8

Well it’s a Quentin Tarantino movie so expect blood, gore, cursing and greatness. The man has a great track record what else do I have to say?




Star Wars Episode 7


Well can’t believe I would see the day but this is really happening. They saved the best for last; I won’t be a tad bit surprised if this passes the one billion mark or even the 2 billion mark. 

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