Lessons from my first boxing match

Lessons from my first boxing match

I started off with my career as a Mixed Martial Arts fighter on March 27th, 2017. The odds were not in my favor. I was going through a lot of problems in life. I had reached the point of giving up all hope.

I had considered the odds and took a decision to join one of the Combat Sports Training Clubs by the name 3GMMA. What looked like something very easy, turned out to be something challenging for me. It was just the way I liked it. I started off with my training with one of the competent people in the history of MMA. We began with simple fitness training and then we moved on to the combat sports.

Soon I reached to another level of the task, and I started to lose weight. But there was a lot to do. I was not able to control my urge to eat fast food. I harnessed my hunger and timed my food intake. Within 5 months I lost 20 kg (originally I was 115 kg and now it’s 95 kg).

Now it was time for me to step inside the ring. It was my first boxing match where I faced an opponent 12 years senior to me. He was fast, more trained and a trainer at one of the renowned gyms. I was watching everybody getting beaten out before the bell rung until they called out my name. We touched gloves… and it began.

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My opponent was raining punches on me. He made contact with my face. It was a blow. According to some, it could have damaged my nervous system. I fell down and stood up maintaining my fighting stance.

After receiving a couple of punches on my face, the game changed. I gave him one blow on the face and off went his mouth guard. People started cheering for me and I gained more confidence. His 12 years of practice and sparring were ditched down by me.

Nevertheless, I lost. But I lost with honor and became an example. Instructors and attendees of the event tell the tale to youngsters and people who need motivation and courage.

No task or goal is big or small. If you want to rise gather the heart to take a hit. Fall down and get back on your butt.

If you want to know what the rainbow looks like, be prepared to face the storm.

Lessons from my first boxing match


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