How to write a novel or do anything big

Neil Gaiman gave a pep talk for NaNoWriMo. Look it up even if you’re not a writer or a creative. It has little to do with the craft of writing. 

A friend of mine had depression and read the article.  He told me that the article ended up helping him in more areas than writing.

Like myself he was tackling big projects. The article talks about taking big things and breaking them down. To have a successful blog I need 1000s of articles. To do that I make sure I post something a day. Whether it’s a article or a video.

What ever you want to do make sure you break it down into smaller bits. Lets take the example of a writing a novel. Don’t just start off with writing a 100 pages. Don’t even try to write a chapter or a paragraph. All you have to work out is a word. Start with just a word. Start with just a single word. So write that single word. Once you have it you now focus on the next one. Then the next and the next and soon you will have something.

The lessons is simple, take the first step and soon you will be well on your to discovering something great.

With this blog personally I started off with 4 or 5 views a days. Now I’m getting 80 and even 150 views a day.

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