How to Read and Learn from Great Writers

How to Read and Learn from Great Writers

There have been great names of the past that have written golden pieces of literature far ahead of their respective times;names like Thomas Paine, Henrik Ibsen and William Shakespeare. More often than not, such people were ridiculed and rejected in their lifetimes. Some, however, found great success but during a very late stage in their lives.

The human race has always been too slow in realizing the importance of things while they lasted. And as our usual lethargic selves, we often realize the greatness of a person and their ideas slightly after they die to make sure that we won’t benefit much from them.

This article focuses on the explanation of the primary three ways in which people read revolutionary writing and their impacts upon the reader.

 How to Read and Learn from Great Writers

1: The defensive attitude:

Revolutionary writers have to break norms and in order to do so, they have to address them. As normal citizens of the society, we too follow these norms. If a writer is attacking these notions, people often tend to feel attacked by the writer themselves. The defensive attitude often leads to hatred towards the writer and strong emotions of revolt against the idea.

Basically, what you did right there, was throw the whole effort of the writer down the sewer. The writer cannot reform the society without telling them what’s wrong. The beauty of reading is accepting. If you cannot accept your faults and setbacks, no matter how many books you read and how many you write, the only thing you’ll be getting out of it is a good vocabulary. (Which doesn’t even count much as a trait, now that we have e-dictionaries.)


2: Accepting letter-by-letter:

You’ll also find this group of people who believe each and every thing that they read and are told. You may find them on Google under: People who created massive shuttles (in size and stupidity) to avert the destruction of the world in 2012.

Everything that has been written does not have a certificate of merit. Even with the ease in publication nowadays, everything published cannot even be considered as true. Those people who believe all that they are being told are the ones who often have no true direction and purpose in life. They are the crowd that surrounds those who stand out.

Consider that you’re reading a great and reforming piece of literature that is helping you change into a great human being. Even then, accepting it as a Holy scripture which is to be followed word by word is a very irrational decision. In most situations that humans have to encounter, the right decision actually depends on you and your scenario. If you apply each and everything that you read in a general manner, then destruction might be your fate. (Unfortunately, the bookstores don’t even give you a refund for the book even after that happens. So, it’s pretty much destruction along with the loss of a couple of dollars that you invested on buying the book.)


3: Absorbing the ideas and proper application: 

Now, this is the proper and sound way of reading revolutionary pieces of literature. The first and foremost thing to do before reading anything in the world is to clear your mind of your previously rigid ideas and be ready to absorb something new and slightly revolutionary. Once you are in that state of mind, you would have the ability to assess the truth in everything. You would find this natural trait of pin-pointing the writings that are truly ahead of their times and would have the opportunity to act upon them far earlier than anyone else.

But you can only do so, if you absorb the ideas first with an open mind. Once you understand the logic behind what the writer has to say, then you don’t go out shouting to the world that you’ve found the savior of the human race. You reflect upon the philosophy and think about what you can do to use it to your benefit. How can you apply it in life or rather how much? Because at the end, the writer himself is a human being.

Learn to read, absorb, reflect and apply. That is the true order of reading successfully and the right way of learning from revolutionary writing.

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