How to overcome your fears in 7 simple ways


We are all afraid of something. Whether it be heights, darkness, commitments, losing what you have or gaining what you don’t (I’m subtly hinting to weight). Fears have this ability to bring us to a standstill in life and make us scratch our heads like idiots. Here are a few tips that you can use to overcome your fears once and for all.

Acceptance: The first step in overcoming fear is accepting that it exists. Now stop nodding your head while taking notes and listen to me! You think of yourself as either too good to have fears or too low that you have fears. Now stop, read that again because you surely didn’t get it.

Get that now? You’re not perfect and it’s okay to have fears. Accept and reflect.

Interact with your fears: As the old Chinese saying goes:

If you have a fear of stepping out into the sea

You won’t overcome it while sipping on tea

I’m kidding. No such saying exists, but you get the point, right? If you wish to overcome your fear, you need to start interacting with it on purpose. You need to have a plan. You need to have mentors. People who have done what you wish to. Find these people and learn from them. They do exist and you can still fulfil that dream.

Connect with the feeling of accomplishment: If a fear holds you back, you push yourself forward to defeat it and tell yourself how that would be an accomplishment. It’s only the mindset which distinguishes the winners from the losers.

Reward yourself: Remember the legendary cartoon character Scooby-doo? When the gang wanted something done, they lured him with the reward of Scooby snacks. Find your Scooby snack and reward yourself with it when you successfully interact with your fear.


Relaxation techniques: Body control is vital to overcome fear as you can’t do anything if your body is acting on  impulse. What you need to do while having a panic attack (minor or major) is to use a relaxation technique. You can surf the internet for some incredibly simple and effective techniques, some of which are deep breathing, relaxing your muscles, and imagining yourself to be in a “happy place”. Meditation works wonders and actors are know to use it before coming on stage. The best part? It only takes ten minutes and all you have to do is breathe. You can do it laying down or sitting on a chair.


Harness the Power of Energy:Believe it or not, your biggest weakness can be turned into your greatest power just with the use of your mind. Train your mind to use the prospect of fear as a driving force that you can use. If you fear that you’ll miss a deadline, use the adrenaline rush to make sure that you don’t! Become observant of your own feelings. Notice when you are at your best and worst. Keep note of the best and work on the worst.


Therapy: Even after trying everything that we can, as humans, we sometimes need help. It’s okay to get some professional assistance if you feel that your fear is invading your life. Therapies are a great way of alleviating mental stress and fears and can help you get back on track.

The point of this discussion is to understand how you can overcome your fears as your potential weaknesses and can use them as a source of power. Remember, a man without fear is a man unconquerable! So go conquer your fear first and the world will follow.

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