How to Manipulate a Narcissist

It’s so easy to get in a relationship nowadays. It’s no wonder many people find themselves in a relationship with a narcissist. To live with a narcissist is a full time job. One feels like they’re in complete control of their partner. A narcissist actually thinks that the whole world revolves around them. In that case, it feels like you’re a prisoner living with them. But as we all know nothing is impossible. There is way out with you turning the tables on them.


Getting Your Power Back:

When you are being manipulated it is best to show love and affection to them. Show how much they mean to you by keeping in mind the person you fell in love with. Treat them like a small baby who needs attention. Be generous and kind to them. Show them your affection and how important they are to you. Getting your power back is the most important step.



A narcissist will not be able to sallow the fact that their partner does not want to live with them anymore. To make the transition as smooth as possible keep reminding them how nice they are. What beautiful memories you two had. Keep sending them e-mails and texts showing your love and affection. Narcissist’s love that ego boost. They will be so happy to read those messages. If you’ve a favour to ask them now is the time.

When it comes to leaving a narcissist the sooner you do it the better.

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