How to make thousands with (almost) zero investment

Sounds too good to be true? Well that’s the reason why there is an almost in the title. You’ll still make your thousand but the profit will be like 800. Which I think is a pretty good thing.

What do you need to do this? All you need is a internet connection and things you want to get rid of. Where am I going with this? Well have you ever heard of ebay? The website where you can put different goods to be auctioned.

This is a well kept secret of the internet but if you know how to make the right pitch, people will pay thousands for things worth hundreds. Don’t believe me? Well the proof is in the pudding.


Simple Ways You Can Get Anyone To Do Almost Anything


I first came to know about this when I was reading Austin Kleon’s Show Your Work, which I guess just show’s that ideas can come from anywhere. Words have immense power. They have the power to make you feel, they’ve the power to make you think. But more importantly they’ve the power to sell.

A wise man once said that people only part with their money when they’re emotionally compelled to do so. Another went a step further and declared that people don’t pay for the object itself but rather the emotion or the experience. Words are nothing more than emotions or the thoughts that you verbalise.

Scientists found out that if ordinary simple day objects were accompanied by profound descriptions then people were willing to pay a lot more money for them.


Check out the following book and keep this well known secret a secret.



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