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There are many books on bets and impossible feats where always the reader wins while the unsuspecting party loses. Although these ideas make for great conversation material you can also win some money if you know how to leverage them.

Firstly it’s all on you’re persona. If the other person believes that they can win they will take you on your offer. Sometimes it’s better to lose two bets in a row without there being any money involved. Fed up you then ask them to put up their cash and miraculously you win the third time.

With those points in mind lets explore some games.

Need a Hand? 

For this bet all you need are your hands. Show they your empty palms with the hands stretched out.


Like this but minus the fake smile.

Tell your audience, “Counting my thumbs as fingers how many fingers I’m holding up?”

The answer varies depending on the  quantity of booze consumed but a sober audience should answer ten.

You then proceed and ask them, “If this is ten fingers then how many fingers are there on ten hands?”

Let me be the first to assure you that hundred isn’t the correct answer. It’s fifty. Simple arithmetic.

Again great conversation material but you can do much more with it.


Hercules couldn’t do it

This second bet is great if you’ve an acquaintance who likes to workout.

Like this guy but with a more flexible vocabulary. Or a more flexible wife.


Ask your friend to hold out their hand. Place a match stick near the very top of their middle finger.

Finally you tell them that they have to break the match by pushing down on the wood by their first and third finger. You’ll be surprised by how many people you’ll fool with this one. The only way the match stick would break is if you push it down the fingers.

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Thank you for reading this. If you’re really serious about making money then you should also put up your money. Say you’ll pay them a hundred for the fifty they’re putting up. Again this is something you shouldn’t do with every participant. Some people will happily put up a hundred for your hundred.This tactic is necessary to entice those less enthusiastic amongst us.


If you’re interested in learning more then read the following book:

101 Bets You Will Always Win: The Science of the Seemingly Impossible







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