How to grow as a person through Social Media.

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There are some things that can help you keep your personal life and social life balanced. People today tend to socialize more using social media platforms. Experts say that an individual is an average of 5 people.

These are the type of people that an individual would love to spend their time with. So ask yourself whose social media content do you want to follow. If your answer is, ‘that anybody who appears in your social media news feed’ then you’re making a mistake. Ask yourself if you like to become like anyone else or someone particular. If you’re reply is someone else then you’re wrong.

Using social media makes us kind of unhappy at times. This is because we get to consume a considerable amount of content that makes us distracted. To make sure that you are making social media useful, make sure you are consuming content from the top social media friends. Follow them and these steps:


  • Make sure that you unfollow everybody else except your mentors, friends who post positive content and members of your family. It might take you a little more time, but it is all worth it. Make sure you do this for all social media platforms. You might think that your friends might get upset with you. But it might turn out to be something that is productive for you in the long-run. It is better to achieve your goals than to spend your life scrolling down the web page.


  • Follow content posted by the people you admire and people you want to become. Understand things that have helped them grow and excel in their respective field of work and life.


  • Consider that everything else is coming your way. You’re goals will only become a reality if you work at them every single day. Learn to remove these hurdles and become more productive.

These are some life hacks that can help you add more value to your time and life on social media. This can also help you to influence those around you. Add more value to your, stop wasting your time. Add more value to those around you. All of this will create an environment where everyone benefits. This can only be done if you’re using social media in a responsible and sensible way. Best of luck with all your endeavours.


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