How the tech giants Google, Facebook and Amazon study you

Being humans, we all need a superior being. Human brain is powerful enough to reason and ask questions but somewhere, it lacks the capacity to answer these questions. That’s where the concept of a superior being comes in. So that we can ask for a certain thing and hope we get an answer back.

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It is like sending a query to that superior being and there is some divine intervention and we get our query resolved after a certain amount of time. The same function is performed by our very own search engine, Google. People today tend to trust Google more than anything in the world.

Another wonderful thing about us humans is that we not only want to be loved, but want to love others too. This is where Facebook comes in. We have a lot of friends around us who love us and want to stay friends or get to another level of friendship. People express their love and attachment towards others by sharing pictures that further create empathy and make a relationship work out.

Then we have our capacity to consume goods. Businesses and big brands like Amazon, Walmart and others adopt the strategy of offering you more for a lesser price. This strategy would never fail you or your brand. Here is something that happens. You watch an advertisement on Amazon, if it’s at a discount, you buy a bundle offered at a lesser price, consume it, and if you like it, you repeat the cycle.

The whole point is that our minds, human behavior, the brain’s thinking and buying patterns, mannerisms are on a track. They are always kept in mind even when the product or service is in its elementary stages. Corporate giants devise their marketing, financial and other organizational strategies keeping in mind the way people will react to a certain product. This is what people in the government do as well. They devise their policies keeping in mind the way the human brain works and reacts to a certain situation.

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