Five tell tale signs that you’re being manipulated

People in relationships open up themselves to each other. It’s a great feeling to know that you’ve someone who knows you best. But, the hardest part is when this openness harms you. There is a chance that we get hurt and manipulated. Mostly, the victims of manipulation in a relationship are those who trust too much. They do not even take part themselves but get trapped.


Following are 5 signs that you’re being manipulated.


  1. They suck your energy


Manipulators are the ones who want to be the center of attention. When they show up somewhere they want the spot light on them. It’s this need to be the center of attention.


Five tell tale signs that you're being manipulated


  1. Two face


Those who are masters at manipulating, keep themselves away from any bad act. They do not directly go to work. Instead, they have people who do the dirty work for them. Manipulators avoid direct and honest interaction with anyone. It’s their art to support one verbally but act in unsupportive ways. To prove themselves right they will launch a crusade against you, just to prove you wrong.

Five tell tale signs that you're being manipulated



  1. Mind games


They are super cool with the tricks of manipulation. They interrupt you while you are speaking to get you off the track. When you realize their game, they use your words against you to make you feel guilty. Gaining sympathy from others is just one of their tactics.

Five tell tale signs that you're being manipulated


  1. Playing with emotions


Manipulators take full advantage of the loving and trusting nature of everyone around them. They expertly seek out other people’s vulnerabilities and have no qualms in using them against them. Manipulators use your trust against you and protect their real intentions.


Five tell tale signs that you're being manipulated


  1. Guilt


They use your sensitivity to make you feel that you have no choice but to give in. Manipulators know how to play the victim when need be. They know how to use the right words to pull our heartstrings. Black mail us if it serves their end. Truth is manipulators won’t hesitate to play on our guilt and empathy to get their way.



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