Ever felt lonely even after being in a relationship? Ever felt ignored even while talking to your partner? If your answer is yes but you are trying to tell yourself a “no” then you might be a victim of ‘micro-cheating’. Cheating; doesn’t this word scare your inner self? Well, how to know if you are being cheated by your partner or it’s just your assumption?

The Daily Mail has published an article that seems to be really interesting in today’s world. As people are indulged into emotional relationships nowadays and it’s becoming common with the passing hour. After reading this article you might analyze your partner and get to know the truth or it may just make you over think because possessiveness is always there when it comes to love.
An Australian psychologist Melanie Schilling has stated that ‘micro-cheating’ is quite visible if the emotional and physical behaviors of the partner are a bit different from routine. It could be identified easily if the person is hiding his messages or his website pages from you.
Adding some more relevant examples, not only this article says but also in Urban Dictionary it has been given as the meaning of ‘micro-cheating’ that “when someone cheats on a partner, but just a little bit. Like copping a feel or kissing.” The word cheating makes it pretty obvious that even if it is a smaller part, it involves betrayal and disrespect of the partner.
Love affairs have become a major part of a teenager’s life. They all focus on such things and it either maintains a healthy relationship or destroys the unhealthy one. Social media is playing a big role in this cause. Chatting through different messengers has given uplift to conversations. This has created a sense of immaturity among people involved in a relationship in a way that they don’t have limits when it comes to having late night conversations.
In the article, Melanie has clearly advised the one who feels like being ‘micro-cheated’ or cheated in any way in should tell their partner about the behavior that bothers them. An example of this could be when they use heart emojis in their messages.
On the other hand, a commentator on the subreddit Ask Women as a response to the thought gave her point of view :
“I don’t understand the concept of ‘micro-cheating’. What I do understand is the concept of relationship boundaries. Every relationship partner should have their boundaries and if their partner goes outside of the agreed upon boundaries, then I think that is a betrayal by their partner. Whether or not they want to call that cheating, ‘micro-cheating’, or whatever doesn’t matter to me.”

So, that is your job now to either close your eyes and survive in a relationship where you are being cheated either in a macro way or a micro way, or just look upon and see what is actually going on.

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