Avoid the haters

human behaviour

Because your energy and worldview is shaped by those you surround yourself with.


If you are trying to get to the next level, you must:


Avoid the complainers.


Avoid the negative.


Avoid the secretly or not so secretly envious.


Avoid the close-minded.


Avoid the misfortunate.


Avoid the uncultured.


Avoid the small minds.


Avoid the aggressive and anxious.


Avoid the gossipers.


Avoid those that drag you down to their level.


And instead, you must simply:


Surround yourself with those on the same mission as you.


These people must…


Challenge your beliefs.


Help you grow.


Force you to think bigger.


Be positive and supporting.


And above all, they must make you a better person, in one way or another.


There are only two types of people you will encounter:


#1 Those who contribute energy to your life and help support your mission.


#2 Those who take energy away, and derail you from your mission.


The second type of person comes disguised in many different forms.


Your employer, who wants to hold you down, so you never reach your true potential, and outgrow your role.


Your lover, who has weird controlling issues, and doesn’t want you to be able to achieve happiness without them.


Your parents, who fear you will no longer need them.


And your friends — who may be secretly envious of you, and fear that you will become “better” than them.


There is a very simple way to uncover if someone is an energy giver or an energy vampire:


Pay attention to how interactions with people make you feel.


Honor your inner intelligence, and listen to all the signs your body gives you.


Things like different breathing, tense muscles, or just having your “vibe” killed — are all powerful indicators.


If you find yourself over-analyzing your conversations or actions to accommodate someone else — worried you might offend them or “say the wrong thing” chances are, they are an energy vampire.


At the end of the day, you are the sum of your input.


So make sure to be absolutely totalitarian with…


– What you put in your body


– The media you consume


– The conversations you have (and the stories you tell yourself)


And most importantly…


The people you surround yourself with.

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