20 countries to invest in 2018. Did yours make the list?

20 countries as chosen by U.S News.   Number 20. Chile Population: 17.9 million Total GDP: $247 billion GDP growth: 1.6% Number 19. France Population: 66.9 million Total GDP: $2.5 trillion GDP growth: 1.2% Number 18. Brazil Population: 207.7 million Total GDP: $1.8 trillion GDP growth: –3.6% Number 17. United Kingdom Population: 65.6 million Total GDP: $2.6 trillion GDP growth: 1.8% Number 16. Netherlands Population: 17.0 million Total …

Avoid the haters

Because your energy and worldview is shaped by those you surround yourself with.   If you are trying to get to the next level, you must:   Avoid the complainers.   Avoid the negative.   Avoid the secretly or not so secretly envious.   Avoid the close-minded.   Avoid the misfortunate.   Avoid the uncultured. …