7 signs that your life is on the right track

  1. You wake up looking forward to starting your day.

The number one sign is that you’ve scheduled your life in such a way that you look forward to doing whatever it is you’ve selected for yourself. You will have hobbies or tasks that you not only enjoy doing but also aren’t dependent upon. These activities can be related to your work or something outside your work. Either way, every day will be an experience you can’t wait to start.

It could be a myriad of activities from the morning walk to a book you enjoy reading. It could be reading the newspaper, going off to work, meditating, or watching your favourite TV show. It could be journaling or catching up with a friend. The activity doesn’t also need to be a big one; it could be something that lasts just a few minutes. Well, no matter what the time, it won’t matter as it will be something that satisfies you on a deep level.

7 signs that your life is on the right track

  1. You’re aware of your difficulties but being alive is something you’re grateful for. 

Stress is part of being human. There are a lot of things that stress us out and do not necessarily have to be bad. We often feel stressed when we are starting something new; something that is necessary for our growth. You still cannot ignore the fact that for many people stress would be something they would rather avoid. When stressed out people lose themselves in the pain and the confusion, life suddenly becomes hard and unbearable, making one cynic, rather than inquisitive.

During difficult times it’s easy to lose our sense of self, to feel disconnected from rest of the world. Though these feelings of despair are something every human being experiences during their life time. As long as you get out of your slump in a week or so, everything will be fine.

As long as you wake up each day with the intention of starting over, it won’t matter how bad things are going. It means you are doing well.


7 signs that your life is on the right track

  1. You look forward to tomorrow, learn from the past and keep mindful about the present.

A sure sign of depression is not living in the present. Focusing is hard for you. Just remember you live to make your today and tomorrow better and it all starts with working in the present. Each day is a blessing, a chance to better yourself and to learn from your mistakes. Each day is precious and you’ve to make the most of it so you can’t rest. If you look forward to the future instead of worrying about it then give yourself a pat on the back.

7 signs that your life is on the right track

  1. Going to bed pleased with your day’s performance while looking forward to the next day.

Human beings have reflected upon their days as long as they existed. The end of a day is when we wind down and replay all the important events that happened that day. Those mental pictures are in fact another learning session we attend.

Not all days are created equal; some days we feel on the top of the world and on others, we can’t wait them to be over. It will serve you good if you take out the time before going to bed to plan out your next day. Have a definite concrete plan, which you put into action as the day starts. If you look forward to going to bed it means you’re doing something good.

7 signs that your life is on the right track

  1. You think of all the good times.

None of us can spend all our time with our loved ones and be productive. Still there are those who feel lonely even when they are with friends. It’s not easy to tell how someone is feeling. To make matters worse, sometimes people themselves aren’t clear about their emotions. Even if we can’t meet all our friends during the weekend, thinking about them is a healthy sign.


7 signs that your life is on the right track


  1. You’re curious to see how your life unfolds even though the road is bumpy. 

If you’re curious you’ve got a healthy brain. You could be using the same energy for criticising and blaming your circumstances. But choosing to think and focus on your future instead is something many don’t do. Curiosity has the effect of putting your brain in a positive state. You’re open to possibilities instead of being stuck in a rut. You can go through your plans despite the things going haywire.

Curiosity also helps to maintain a reflective and mindful stance. A healthy mind nurtures curiosity. The alchemy of curiosity is that it allows us to be in the moment while letting us take the long view of things. It has the power to help restore our sense of wonder and purpose  when we lose sight of the good.

7 signs that your life is on the right track

  1. Work fulfils you and you don’t mind pursing something outside if it’s something that excites you.

Every day millions of us experience being trapped in work or a negative mind set. If you only seek to get satisfaction from your work, you’ll be quite successful. But if that’s all you do, you will miss out on all the opportunities around you. It’s important to have passions as well as a paying job. Unless your paying job is your passion.

Living is a day to day activity. Your work keeps your grounded. It’s natural to lose focus and slip back into our old patterns. This article hasn’t only been a ‘how to guide’ but also a ‘are you aware’ guide. And though no list is ever complete, an incomplete list fully followed is better than a perfect list ignored. Work that fulfils your basic needs is important, but work that fulfils your soul is to be treasured.

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