All communication is a picture. Everything that effects us causes us to hallucinate in images. We think in images. We dream in images. Our minds are image creating machines. Besides the two eyes we have we also have a third one which allows us to visualize. It’s this eye that lets us project ourselves into the future where we either worry or grow.
The brain turns sounds and smells into images. It turns everything into an image. The reason is simple we communicate in images. The whole universe is an image. We even like to give shape to sound.
Next time you’ve any doubt whether you’re naturally creative, consider the following: run through the memories of every beautiful, magnificent, complex things you’ve ever seen. Stop reading and look around you.
Because we use our eyes to see and because reality is out there, when we look at things we tend to assume that it is simply out there and we are simply looking at it.
But if it were only out there how would it ever get into our heads?
What actually happens is that your amazing eyes with their two hundred and sixty million light receivers, receive billions of photons of light per second, carrying all images to you. Your eye then transmits these images down your optic nerve and back to your brain, which then recreates the entire external world inside your head.
In other words for nearly every waking second the master artist in your brain has been painting perfect pictures of reality. Every beautiful face, every snow capped mountain range, every sunset, every flower, every animal you have ever seen. You have perfectly recreated in your own brain.
You have already created and painted billions of masterpieces. Your hands simply want to join in on the fun and create for you.

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