6 habits of highly persuasive people

Habits are what ultimately play a huge part in your success as a person. So if you want to become more persuasive you need to foster these habits.

Persuaders Speak With A  Purpose

When ever the supply of something increase, it’s price will depreciate. The mark of someone who knows their craft is that they will use their skills sparingly. Don’t even think about arguing. Like I said in my previous article you need to be persistent. Propose you idea and let it hang there. A few days later propose it again. You’ll be surprised that a time might came that they will begin to see that idea as much as theirs as it is yours. The best persuaders pick their battles wisely. They know a lot about the other person, so they tailor their words to their needs.


Use Those Ears! 

Experts know that telling someone to do something isn’t always easy. People don’t like to be told what to do. If you try too hard you’ll come off as unlikable, which will get you no where. Persuaders live in the moment. If the person they’re talking to says something they make use of that information. Not only listening helps you in telling whether they are on the same page as you. It also tells you whether they are lying because by listening closely discrepancies are easier to pick up. You’ll never be good at persuasion if you aren’t paying attention to the other person. You can’t persuade effectively if you don’t know where they’re coming from.


Emotional Connection

We like those who are like us. Why? Shared emotions. You’re job is that of a story teller; rouse their emotions. They need to know that you’re not a somebody but [insert your name here]. We are programmed to be indifferent to the world. You’ve to show them that you two are part of the same team. Persuasive people know that if they aren’t likeable they won’t get very far. Persuaders know that they need to establish a common ground from which all other interactions will be influenced. Persuaders will actively listen to you and try to understand you on a much deeper level. They will always let you know that they’re on your side, both by their actions and words.


They Give The Devil Its Due

The experts know that there are always three sides to a story. There is always a grey area, reality isn’t just two colors. Why waste time arguing who’s right or wrong? Human logic can deem anything right and vice versa. Persuasive people will always respect your opinion, they’ll look at reality through your eyes. They’ll never disagree with you but they will show you gaps in your logic. Listening to the other person and agreeing with them  is a form of reciprocity and reciprocity as we learned is very important. People will find it hard to disagree with you once you’ve praised their valid points. When ever you find yourself in such a situation, you let them talk, agree with their argument and show them how the world isn’t really all that black and white.


The Smart Retreat 

Persuaders know that their time is limited, getting results can sometimes take time. So instead of nagging or being a nuisance, they retreat. Sometimes time is all that’s needed for the other person to make up their mind. Want to take it a step further? Let them know what they’ll lose. If there is someone they dislike and you’re doing business with them, they will try to get you back.

They Know When To Be Quiet

Communication isn’t all talk. How much silence should you use? Sorry but you’ll have to find that out for yourself. Ask on Quro. Another suggestion will be to watch all the famous speeches. Those people really stressed on the pauses.





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