5 reasons to read Richard Wiseman

Naturally that raises the question Richard who? Well are you in for a surprise! If you’re someone who likes to read non-fiction and books about science intrigue you then chances are you already know the man.

Here are five reasons to start reading his books if you’ve already haven’t.

Extremely funny

Who doesn’t like comedy? Even the hecklers love it. I’ve had the pleasure of reading four of his books and let me tell you that they’re laugh out loud funny. Yes they’re full of filthy jokes but that isn’t the point. When was the last time you actually learned something and laughed your ass off? Go do yourself a favour, your ass will be all the more grateful.


Well researched

Plenty of my own articles and videos owe their existence to the scientists Richard talks about. Every time he mentioned a fact I found myself going to the back of the book and reading about the journal that the research was published in. True, all science books come with those but Wiseman really makes you care. He writes with such flair that his books feel more like documentaries rather than just…books.


If you’ve read one of his books and didn’t understand something, then you can always ask Richard on twitter. Not only does he answer inquires but he also posts interesting tweets which always compel you to write back. Honestly when has any other Richard done that? I’m looking at you Dawkins.

Forces you to think

Not only do the books make you think but Wiseman also tests and quizzes you along the way. Many times he will give you a simple experiment to do, only to tell you that you have to keep reading to find out the results. The wait is always worth it because not until Wiseman has established the historical significance of the experiment does he gives you the answers.

His books can make you money

When was the last time you got a free book? Unless it was on your birthday, in which case you should stop seeing that person. The only books that I know that can make you money are poker and magic. Cause let’s face it, those textbooks we read in school weren’t all that much help in the end. Given that Wiseman worked as magician it sort of makes sense. But the money I’ve made has not been through his ‘tricks’ or the scams that I’m reading in his latest book. The money has come from learning about the subtle nuances that make us human. Telling people whether they were lying or not and what their star star sign is. Okay I made that last one up but to be honest I can’t think of any other book that has helped me make a few bucks on the side.

If you don’t know where to start then let me recommend the following book:

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