4 ways to influence people as done by the FBI

In today’s day and age this is surely an important skill to have. Through understanding human behaviour you can give yourself the kind of tools and techniques. With a correct judgement of the human behaviour you can persuade people. Your understanding of psychology and human behaviour is something that can be learned. In fact it is something that you’re continuously learning when ever you interact with people. When you meet people or have casual encounters, you come across individuals with all kinds of quirks. Those encounters are learning lessons, so never take them lightly. You can change and analyse human behaviour by using your own past experiences. Here are some tips from the experts at FBI who study human behaviour as part of their job description:

Call People By Their Names:

According to the FBI calling people by their name’s can have a huge difference on the other person. It’s human nature that we’re attracted to our own name. You can mould other people’s perception of you just by the way you address them. People like that sense of distinction, how knows you might just make someones day. Also calling them by their name helps you remember it more easily.

Keep Your Communication Limited:

It’s a well established fact by those studying human behaviour that people who talk more, tend to be quite conscious about what others have to say, rather than their own thoughts. In a given conversation talk for no more than 30 seconds. It is good to stick to a unified or powerful sentence to convey your point in an effective way. Remember less is more. It’s just what you learned in economics, the more the supply the less the price.


Behave As Others Behave With You:

In Rome do as the Romans do. Doing this will make people more complacent. And once you’ve have their complacency you can ask them for a favour.



Smile More Often:

There is nothing difficult in smiling. In fact there is nothing difficult in smiling at people. Smiling is easy as 1-2-3. Children who don’t even speak a word understand a smile. A smile always attracts the looker. You can’t ignore it. If you want others to comply to your point of view then smile and smile genuinely.


It’s human nature that people want to listen to and work for people that they like. Make yourself someone that people like.


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