4 memory techniques to improve your grades

There are many difficult tasks in this world, one of them is memorization. It’s so hard to transfer the information from your notes to your brain. The process is tougher during the days of exam. Memorization gets easy with practising. Revising the notes repeatedly helps overcoming this problem. Still, many people do not find this helpful. Thus, to help your memory get stronger, we suggest the following advice. These simple four rules will help you memorize your notes within a short period of time.


4 memory techniques to improve your grades


  1. Read it from the paper only in your head:


This is a simple technique. Read everything silently. This requires attention and focus. Your mind and your senses should not get involved in any other activity.


  1. Close your eyes and recite the material mentally:


Revise the material you’ve just read in your head. Make sure there are no distractions around.


  1. Look at the paper and read it out loud:


This time read the notes out loud. If you want, you can recite the material in an accent. The mind is naturally prone to pay more attention to what is unique.


  1. Close your eyes and repeat the material out loud:


Once you have followed step 3 it’s now time to close your eyes and say everything out loud. By hearing the material you will learn 50% of what is being said.


These four simple ways will help you learn better and faster. Researchers have found that words read out loud are remembered more as compared to just in the head.

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