4 common techniques of the Master Persuaders

As an individual who is part of the decision making process in your organisational or family hierarchy, you can achieve more if you are a little more persuasive. You can get a lot more done just by letting the people who work for you see things your way. By studying the basics human behaviour, you can get a lot of people to listen to you. Anyone, no matter at which stage they are can benefit from the following wisdom:

A Good Persuader Always Smiles:

You can start with something as simple as a smile. It’s human nature that you can’t ignore a smile. Just like in the FBI article you read, smiling is something that is universal. People respond to it. Not only that but a genuine smile has the ability to dispel any tension before you’ve even uttered a single word. Smiling is the type of human behaviour people want to see in their leaders. People who smile seem to be very enthusiastic about their ideas. This is what gives people more confidence and more faith in you.





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Make The Habit Of Calling People By Their Names:

This is another simple way to become more persuasive. Calling people by their names has a positive impact on the individual. Always address people by their names and see the positive results for yourself. Our brains are trained to ignore all sound but once the ears pick up your name, you suddenly pay attention.



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Try To Convey Positive Gestures:

People who are persuasive not only say the right thing but they also convey the right non-verbal behaviour. Have a firm handshake, speak in a more energetic voice and tone and maintain eye contact.


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They Provide People With The Room To Think:

Once they have conveyed their offer, they don’t want people to rush and give them the answer. Persuaders give people the time to consider their offer and think about it. It is part of human behaviour that others tend to look into your eyes, analyse while you are talking to them and make sure that you are being honest. If you have been honest and persuasive throughout, people will acknowledge your offer.




People who are persuasive enough tend to have  positive human behaviour. They tend to stay positive with people in their family, people who they work with and their clients who they try to offer their services.

As a bonus I’m leaving you with a wonderful book that everyone should read.


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