4 Books you will find in any successful leader’s library

Entrepreneurs and business leaders have a different mindset, and this is something that separates them from the crowd. Once you are aware about the way your leadership style, you can be open to more opportunities and achieve the impossible. Your bosses might realize and see the leadership skills that you possess. Or will you keep on justifying yourself to get a raise or a promotion with your manager? Here are a few books that I found and helped me understand how true leaders are supposed to be.



Being the cofounder and CEO of Opsware which was a B2B software company that was sold for more than $1.5 billion, he today is operating as a General Partner at a Venture Fund at Andreesen Horowitz. Around 2 years ago, Horowitz published this book that gained immense popularity amidst leaders of the technology sector and got endorsed by CEO of the amazing Tech Giants of today. Horowitz discusses the need to mitigate the politics that hovers in the workplace as it can be a major contributor that can create hurdles within the organization and distractions for other employees. He emphasizes the need of having a clear promotion policy that needs to be followed by everybody who is part of the organization. He also suggests that all positions within the company are driven by individuals who have a skill set needed to get the job done and recommends that promotions should be based on decisions made by a special committee to avoid discrepancies.


The Lean Startup revolves around the fact that the only way to win is to learn faster than anyone else. Eric was former Cofounder and CTO at IMVU which had a run rate of more than $35 million around 6 years ago. This book has been endorsed by Sheryl Sandberg and Mark Andreesen. It is a book that comes up with a revolutionary approach to create, run, and manage a highly innovative + business. Ries is a strong advocate of the approach that one can develop a product and make sure that they start searching for a product vs the market fit at the earliest. To get this done, he believes that you can develop an array of Minimum Viable Products or MVPs that can become examples of further polished and innovative products or service. This rapid production method helps them acquire a rapid feedback from the users, that helps them avoid making further investments and focus on the development phase of the product or service.


Being the CEO of Intel, Andrew published this book. If you’re a senior manager in any organization, you will find some amazing advice from the man himself. He suggests that a manager’s working area is to enhance your business by improving the performance of the people working for the organization. This is what distinguishes between a manager and an individual’s contribution. He lays great stress on the one-on-one meetings by subordinates and reasons that make them important.


Crossing the Chasm presents future business leaders with a structure that takes a product or service from early adopters to the early majority. The book suggests that the best way to create a breakthrough in the market is to emphasize on the go-to-market practices on a narrow group of prospects. These further on can become reference customers within a specific industry if you get a successful hit.


What books have helped you the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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