3 scientifically proven ways to boost your creativity.

When it comes to creativity we can’t seem to get enough of it. Whether you’re an artist, a programmer or a manager we all need creative solutions to our problems. That’s what creativity is all about, problem solving.

Creativity is intelligence having fun.

-Albert Einstein

Luckily for us new scientific breakthroughs are being made every day. Some of which found their way into the David Eagleman & Anthony Brandt book The Runaway Species. Below are the three main strategies you can apply in your life to foster creativity.

  1. Bending

The following paragraph is taken from the book.

In the early 1890s, the French artist Claude Monet rented a room across from Rouen Cathedral. Over the course of two years, he painted more than thirty views of the cathedral’s front entrance. Monet’s visual perspective never changed: he painted the facade over and over from the same angle. Yet in spite of this fixed scene, no two paintings were alike. Instead, Monet showed the cathedral in different lights. In one, the noon sun gave its facade a bleached pallor;in another, dusk illuminated it with red and orange hues. In representing a prototype in constantly new ways, Monet was making use of the first creative tool: bending.


In bending the goal is to change something that already exists. To create new versions of the original version.

The mind is constantly experimenting and changing things around it.You might think that with somethings the ultimate form has been reached but as they show in the book, something as simple as an umbrella is continuously being improved upon.

The Senz umbrella’s asymmetric shape gives it better wind resistance.
The unBrella inverts the conventional design of the umbrella.
While the Nubrella is worn like a backpack.

Just like the Monet, these umbrellas are the product of bending where an original idea is taken and modified upon.

Bending is a makeover of an existing prototype, opening up a wellspring of possibilities through alterations in size, shape, material, speed, chronology and more.


In breaking we take out the best parts of an idea or a creation and use them how we see fit.

Often the revelation that a whole can be broken up allows some parts to be scooped out and discarded. For his installation piece Super Mario Clouds the artist Cory Arcangel hacked into the computer game Super Mario Brothers and removed everything but the clouds.

3. Blending

In blending the brain combines two or more sources in novel ways.

Here two ideas from different sources are combined together to create something new. Blending is usually what comes to mind when we think of creativity. While it’s a great tool to use it shouldn’t dissuade you from experimenting with the other two methods.

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