How To Nail Your Interview

Before the interview you need to be feeling good about yourself. You need a win. It’s proven that winning increases your confidence. So before the interview come in the right frame of mind. Talk to people you don’t normally talk to. Dial random numbers on your phone and get the other person to recommend a restaurant to you. Once you’ve collected several names it won’t just be a win but now your brain is also primed for what’s to come. Talking to strangers on the phone gets you in the groove. It takes the edge off the interview.

Connect with your interviewer. Be curious about them. Ask them where they’re from where they grew up. If you haven’t been to the place where they’re from then ask them the best place to eat there. You can then share what you’ve just learned about the restaurants from all the calling. That’s the best part of food; everyone loves to talk about it. It’s the most widely discussed topic…after sex of course.

Another way to connect with him or her would be to talk about travelling. Again if you haven’t been to their home town then ask which are the best places to visit. Always ask about their home town and where they spent their childhood. Be on the lookout for a shared experiences. Again talking to all those strangers on the phone will have paid off because you will be a lot more talkative. Always be listening to whatever they’re saying. Each sentence leads to another. All that advice of never running out of things to say is false. You’ll never run out of conversation material if you’re paying attention and listening.

You’re job at an interview is to standout. Show them that you’re different, that you’re the one for the job. So when they ask you if you’ve any question you should ask them, ‘Is there any reason you wouldn’t hire me?’ The reason for asking this is simple, is gives you the chance to address any concerns they would have for hiring you. They will tell you right then and there what their concerns are. Address them right on the spot, convince them that they’ve nothing to worry about. You don’t just do that with words. You do that with assuring them that their ‘concern’ are actually your biggest strengths. Strengths that you’re bringing to their company. Addressing there concern(s) removes any doubt.

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