Being Resourceful : The real truth behind greatness- Part 2

“As a pop novelist, he was divine. A Crichton book was a headlong experience driven by a man who was both a natural storyteller and fiendishly clever when it came to verisimilitude; he made you believe that cloning dinosaurs wasn’t just over the horizon but possible tomorrow. Maybe today.”

-Stephen King

In his life Micheal Crichton wrote some of the most memorable techno-thrillers of our generation. He was a doctor, having studied from Harvard no less. He is remembered for the writer he was, having written and created the hit TV series ER.

In his lifetime Michael Crichton wrote 18 major novels, most of them best-sellers, including The Andromeda StrainThe Great Train RobberyJurassic ParkCongoDisclosure, and Sphere. His books have sold more than 200 million copies worldwide, and 13 of his novels were made into major films, many of them huge financial successes.

Apart from all that Crichton was also a director.

His first outing as a director was in making Westworld. If it wasn’t for his vision the now popular HBO series wouldn’t have existed. Crichton didn’t ask anyone else to finance his or give him a story. He already had what he needed. He never started out as a writer or a director but it was his drive that led him down this path. And though his writing eclipses his other achievements he certainly wasn’t a master of one.

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