Master of One : The real truth behind greatness- Part 1

The saying jack of all trades and a master of none is as old as print media. You can’t become a master at everything and it’s better to stick with one thing or so goes the wisdom. What if I told you that no one was a master of none. They weren’t a jack of all trades either but they certainly weren’t masters of none.

How dull life would be if we could master everything? A lot because then what else would be there to do? Why would I want to master economics or banking? Why does anyone master anything? They do it because it gives them satisfaction. In this article and the series that will follow, I will be examining the lives of famous people, people who are not considered renaissance men. I will show you how no one truly is a master of none.

George R.R. Martian is our first case study. George R.R. Martian is not a master of none. George R.R. Martian started off his career through journalism. He is first and foremost a journalist. It shows in his writing, journalists make good writers. Just look at this guy.

Yes that’s right, written by a journalist. George R.R. Martian isn’t just a master writer, he is also a master communicator and a master businessman. An author he is know for, but just like Ferris Bueller’s creator who was a master director, writer and journalist, George R.R. Martian is also juggling a lot of hats.

But the most important hat is his mastery of human nature. It can be argued that George R.R.Martian is also a psychologist without being one. He is also a great speaker if you’ve ever heard him talk. The bitter truth is that no one becomes successful like him if they don’t know who to carry themselves and present themselves. George R.R. Martian certainly knows who to do that because if he didn’t no one would be giving him a ton of money to produce more TV shows and movies.

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