The Myth of Reality : How the rich become richer

Many of us keep wondering how people get rich, what is the secret to their success? If getting rich was easy everyone would be rich and then being rich would have no value.

To understand why some people make it and why many others don’t is because those you are rich and I’m talking billionaire level rich know that reality is false. They know that realistic expectations amount to nothing. They don’t play by the same rules that everyone else does. Through experience or through learning they have realized that being realistic about life, that having realistic goals will only lead to their life being average.

Think about it. Everyone is realistic, everyone I know plays life by these rules. Rules that don’t let them see life ten years down the line. For the super rich among us they know that reality is not what it is. To become something in life you have to be willing to risk a whole lot. And it is this risk that separates the pretenders from the doers. Nothing in life wroth doing was accomplished without risk. Because if it was we wouldn’t value it. That’s human nature.

The rich know that they have to keep striving for the unreachable. It is only by creating something of value, a gap in the economy that leads to more riches. If you can solve a problem then the forces of capitalism will reward you. The rich know that they have to create something that others can barely dream of in today’s environment. They are always pushing the envelope. Remember Avatar by James Cameron?

So if you have set your sights on becoming rich know that it isn’t for everybody. Like I said if it was everyone would be doing it. You need a very specific mental mind set.¬†Richard Branson on numerous occasions came dangerously close to being broke. But if you can put in the work, create something of value, something there is a market for, then you to can one day be in the Billionaire Club.

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