15 signs you’re an highly intelligent person

1. The rhythm

People who are intelligent don’t find it difficult to tap to a beat. Musical intelligence has long been identified as an intelligence separate from linguistic and mathematical. Both linguistic and mathematical intelligence are only ones tested by the I.Q test. Keeping time is an ability that seems to be ingrained in the minds of the highly intelligent.

Brain scans have revealed a link between intelligence, the ability to keep time and white matter of the brain. Specifically the white matter which is responsible for planning, problem solving and time management.


15 signs you're a highly intelligent person

2. Be a (day)dreamer

Researchers have found out that being a daydreamer is a good sign that you’re intelligent. Day-dreaming hasn’t only been linked with having a high intelligence, it also means you are a very creative person.

15 signs you're a highly intelligent person

3. That’s terrible! But I can’t stop laughing

If you like black comedy you’re more likely to be intelligent. People who appreciate dark humour rank higher on intelligence. Surprisingly those who prefer dark comedy also score better on test of emotional stability.

It seems that to appreciate black comedy one needs to be laid back and clever. So dark comedy is something that is a little more cognitively challenging than the other genres.

15 signs you're a highly intelligent person

4. Where is my mind?

Mood swings tend to be the price for some pay for having a bright mind. Researchers have found that, the more the I.Q, the more likely is the person to suffer from mental illness in the future. There is some kernel of truth to the notion of the mad genius.

Other studies, especially from the field of evolutionary psychology now tell us that intelligence and mental illness have a long history. Increased intelligence in our species is believed to be the result of gene mutations. Geoffrey Miller in his book the Mating Mind gives an excellent account of this. Sadly with those mutations we also become more prone to mental illnesses.


5. Better perceptual skills

Have a high IQ? Then you probably also have better perceptual skills. Having better perceptual skills mean that a person is better able to judge which way objects are moving. Not only can they tell you the direction but also the speed at which they’re travelling.

Because of their brain chemistry, they are also better at blocking out background information as they make their decisions. All in all, having a higher IQ equals a sharper mind.



6. Worrying

Another sign that you could be intelligent is that you tend to worry more than those with average intelligence. Scientists believe that this habit of  worrying may have co-evolved with intelligence, giving our ancestors a survival benefit.


15 signs you're a highly intelligent person


7. What big eyes you have

More intelligent people have been shown to have larger pupils than normal. A large pupil is indicative of a better working memory and a sharper mind. Usually the pupils widen due to changes in the light intensity, but psychologists have also found a connection between intelligence and pupil dilation. The more a brain is processing information, the more the pupil dilates.


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8. Openness

The more intelligent you are the more likely you’re to come up with new ideas. People with a higher level of intelligence are more likely to be atheists and politically liberal. (Kanazawa. 2010).

It was found out that people who described themselves as ‘very conservative’ had on average an IQ of 95, while those who described themselves as ‘very liberal’ were at 106.

9. Height

Science finds taller people to be more intelligent. The reasoning behind this is that the genes which are responsible for height are also in part responsible for intelligence. Of course there are plenty of people who are short and intelligent, not to mention tall and dull. But on average, you’ll find tall people to be more intelligent.

15 signs you're a highly intelligent person

10. Socialising

People higher up on the intelligence spectrum don’t socialise, in fact they dislike it. The more they socialise, the less happy they are. It appears that the more intelligent a person is, the more they prefer solitude. Socialising won’t make you happy the smarter you are.

15 signs you're a highly intelligent person

11. Staying up late

Intelligent people don’t go to bed early. It was found out that people who went to bed early and woke up early were dull. Where as the brighter individuals went to bed later and woke up later. On average the ‘dull’ individuals went to bed around 11:41 and got up around 7:20. The more intelligent of the group slept around 12:29 and woke up around 7:52. These differences become more pronounced over the weekends.

15 signs you're a highly intelligent person

12. Stoners

The more intelligent you are the more likely you’re to use drugs.


15 signs you're a highly intelligent person

13. More trusting

People who are more intelligent, are more likely to trust others. Researchers conclude that this could be due to intelligent people being better judges of character.

15 signs you're a highly intelligent person

14. Money matters

The more intelligent you are, the more likely you’re to wait for better days to come. People with a higher intelligence don’t mind waiting to increase their fortunes and usually don’t mind the risks. Being intelligent has been linked to also having a high risk tolerance and patience.


15 signs you're a highly intelligent person

15. Lazy

If you’re intelligent you’re also likely to be lazy. People who think more have better memories than the rest. They also take more time when coming to a decision and in the end make a better one.




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