10 web-pages you can actually profit from

10 web-pages you can actually profit from

Whether it’s starting a business, finding that flash of creativity or doing something challenging like writing a novel. The following ten pages are some of the best the internet has to offer. Learn from them, book mark them and most of all apply the lessons they teach.



1. How to start a million dollar business over the weekend. When the name Tim Ferris comes along, dismiss it at your own peril. 

2. Advice on becoming creative from Teller, of Pen and Teller. 

3. You don’t write a novel, you draw a novel. Let the snowflake method increase your productivity and minimise your Misery.

4. Learn anything for free. Try Open Culture, the last I heard, Coursera had implemented a new policy.

5. Tell someone their star sign.

6. The only self-help book you need to read, you’re welcome.

7. Feeling down? Let Aristotle cheer you up. You can’t be much productive if your focus isn’t there. 

8. A master class in storytelling and comedy. Who says HTML is boring?

9. Know what someone is thinking. One of the most comprehensive blog post’s about body language out there. 

10. The last page is this page, but only if you allow it. If you disagree, then write down in the comments below that one web-page that helped you most. Thank you for reading.

10 web-pages you can actually profit from


  1. Aqsa

    I personally think that this website is doing great by providing forums of better understanding.
    The link given in number 9 is the most useful one for me. Nowadays, it is not easy to understand someone. But by accessing this website, it’s made easier.

  2. Murtuza Shakir

    A must see for all designers and developers and those who are all about websites and designs. Nicely put 🙂

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