10 Signs You’re being lied to

10 Signs You're being lied to

Everybody lies, make no mistake, we’re all truthful creatures by nature but when the situation arises we all bend the truth. It can be a daunting task to identify the liars from the rest. Following are some ways you can make your task simpler. One isn’t indicative of dishonesty so look for clusters of the following:

10 Signs You're being lied to



It is assumed that liars avoid eye contact. Yet, this isn’t true in every case. Instead, they will try to maintain eye contact for a longer duration just to make you believe. Continuous sustained eye contact usually means the person is lying.

10 Signs You're being lied to



When a person is not telling the truth their eyes will blink at a lot faster than someone who’s not. Always be looking at those eye lids.




People who want you to believe their lies will call upon certain words to prove their honesty. They will swear a lot. Say things like “To be totally honest with you”, “Seriously” and phrases like “I swear to God.”


  1. Blocked:


A common posture for someone who is being dishonest is to cross their arms across their chest. The gesture shows that they are trying to shield themselves because they know they are hiding something.




They use specific words than their normal every day repertoire. Their conversation include words like “except”, “nor”, “but” and “either”. Their vocabulary also has words like “hate” and “sad”. Words they use when they feel guilty of not telling the truth.


  1. Words Per-Second:


Their speaking rate alters; something that’s not usual. Either they will speak too fast or too slow.




This is the easiest way to identify if someone is lying. They will give too much detail even if a simple question is asked.




If they are asked about the situation then their descriptions will be muddled.




Actions speak louder than words. Most people when they’re lying put on a fake smile as they try to convince you.




By some studies it has been found that people detect lies by trusting third parties. Getting evidence is a process that can sometimes take time, so be patient.


Here are two books to accelerate your learning:

Lie Catcher – Become a human lie detector in under 60 minutes

The Definitive Book of Body Language: The Hidden Meaning Behind People’s Gestures and Expressions 

The Ellipsis Manual: analysis and engineering of human behavior


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